Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New beginnings

Well folks, it's been a while. This blog pulled me through my Ironman training for IMC 2007 and yes, I did actually finish. I hope to write a race report someday but so far, it has eluded me.

This blog has mainly been my cathartic outlet for training highs and lows and when I was finished... I had no strength left to write. I made several attempts but was never able to finish. Again, I hope to do that soon.

But here I am. A little over one year since I finished my first Ironman Triathlon. Staring that beast in the face again. Call me a sucker for punishment. Call me crazy. But whatever you do, call me committed to this sport. I don't like triathlon, I love it. I toy with the idea of giving it all up so I can surf... at least until I get back on my bike or back in my shoes. I haven't been in the pool yet but I'm looking forward to it the same way that a kid looks forward to Christmas. Ok, maybe that kid doesn't have the same apprehensions about being way too fat for his speedo (one of the many nice things about Christmas is that you don't have to wear a speedo!) but I'm excited nonetheless.

Three days into the training and I already need to talk about it. Yes, athletes are neurotic. You don't have to be fast. Just committed to your sport.

This time around, it's different. I've looked that beast in the eye, took it on

And survived.

But the beast still lives. The beast still requires that I step up and be excellent - or perish. That is its blessing. That is its curse. So as I stand in the foothills of this great mountain, I will begin with the same awe and wonder that I began my first season. That humility served me well and I plan to hold on to it. Here is how I began last season. May I continue to remember:

I believe that there is a primal instinct inside each of us that is only satisfied by wrestling with adversity. Our momentary enjoyment of any achievement is fleeting compared to the time spent in the struggle. Ironman is not just about the race. It’s about preparation. It’s about getting out of bed when you’d rather be sleeping to hit that morning workout. It’s about going home after a tiring day at work and throwing your shoes on for a run. It’s saying goodnight to your friends at 10pm on a Saturday night because you need to get enough rest. Ironman is about having the discipline and the consistency to be ready when that terrifying beast is staring you down... and to face it with a smile.

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years.

-- Abraham Lincoln