Monday, March 12, 2007

How many workouts does it take to do an Ironman?

Short answer: lots.

At this time last year, I was thinking I needed to start getting my act together if I was going to do the 1/2. At this time, this year (yeah, that'd be now) it's a whole other story. The clock hits 10:30pm and I ask myself why I'm not in bed yet. Tomorrow's Tuesday so that means it's a yoga morning. I have a dinner with a friend at 6:30pm so I'll do the 5:15pm run with the Y instead of my usual Tuesday 7pm run with the running room. Heck, it's even becoming the norm to run home after a group run, grab my mp3 player and keep going for another 6k or so. I never thought I'd use my bike trainer as much as I have. Let me tell you, I can't wait for it to get nicer outside. Indoor biking (apart from the freewheel class I had tonight) is for the birds.

In short, it's only March and with 5 months to go before the big day, my life revolves around work and training.

Thing is, I love it. I don't know if you could do an Ironman if you didn't love the training. Well, I suppose you could but why would you? Life is long enough to do everything we ever wanted but not long enough for us to waste it on things that make us miserable.

A number of years ago, I got to watch Simon Whitfield race after he'd just come back from winning the gold at the Olympics. As he glided across the finish line, he started jumping up and down and hugging everyone in sight. The first words out of his mouth was: "that was fun!" At the time, I was mystified. I'd just had a really hard race and was contemplating giving the sport up. That was fun? I realized that I was doing something wrong and made a commitment that if I was going to race, I was going to finish every race saying that. So far, I've succeeded in that endeavor.

This year, I seem to be saying it after every workout! (Ok, maybe not the indoor bike sessions!)

Life short, call now

~ Bruce Cockburn


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