Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who made who


def: To prepare physically

I don't know that I'm sick of it so much as just plain exhausted. I love the exercise. I love getting out and discovering new capabilities within myself. But today I can't get off the couch, so I'm writing instead of running.

[... ok, that didn't last. I soon as I said I can't ... something inside me kicked into gear and asked but what if you did? and before I could argue, my running shoes were on and I was out the door. 10k later, I'm finishing this blog entry.]

Yesterday I drove out to meet some friends at Thetis for our long ride - only to discover I'd left my front wheel at home. I zipped home to get it but missed the gang as they passed by the spot I was supposed to wait at. As such, I rode alone. I used to always train in groups because I didn't think I had the discipline to train by myself. Exercise has become so much of a habit, that I now head out whether or not I'm with anyone.

The funny thing about all this is that I think I'm training my body for Ironman. As of late, I begin to wonder if it's my body that runs the show because even when I can rationalize away why I can't work out today, I still find myself out there as if my mind had no say in the matter.

So who's training who? I guess it doesn't matter.

I believe that what you sing to the clouds
will rain upon you when your sun, has gone away
And I believe, that what you dream to the moon
Will manifest, before you rest, another day
So stay strong, and sleep long when you need to
let the mornin' take you right on through the day
And when you find you're at the end of the road
just lift your head up
Spread your wings and fly away

~ Michael Franti


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